Bingo Slang and what number they refer to!

Below are some of the most common Slang words used to call out bingo numbers to date.

No 1 Kelly's Eye or on its own                                                                                   

No 2 One Little Duck

No 3 Cup of Tea, One Little Flea, My Little Fly or Dixie Lee                                       

No 4 Knock on the Door

No 5 Man Alive or Jack's Alive                                                                                       

No 6 Chopsticks

No 7 Lucky for Some                                                                                                       

No 8 One Fat Lady or The Garden Gate

No 9 Doctor's Orders                                                                                                   

No 10 Gordon's Den

No 11 All the Ones or Legs Eleven                                                                             

No 12 One Dozen

No 13 Unlucky for Some                                                                                          

No 14 Valentine's Day

No 15 Young and Keen                                                                                            

No 16 Sweet Sixteen

No 17 Never Been Kissed                                                                                       

No 18 Coming Of Age

No 19 Barry O'Callaghan's a Ride!              

No 20 Two-O Blond Twenty

No 21 Key of the Door

No 22 Two Little Ducks

No 23 Thee and Me

No 24 Two Dozen

No 25 A Duck and a Dive

No 26 (Two and Six) Half a Crown

No 27 Gateway to Heaven

No 28 In a State

No 29 Rise and Shine, In you Prime

No 30 Three-O Blind Thirty or Dirty Gertie

No 31 Get up and Run

No 32 Buckle My Shoe

No 33 All the Threes

No 34 Ask for More

No 35 Jumping Jive, Dirty Wives

No 36 Three Doezen

No 37 More than Eleven

No 38 You're Late

No 39 All the Steps (From the novel The Thirty-Nine Steps)

No 40 Four-O Blind Forty

No 41 Life's Begun, Time for Fun

No 42 Whiney the Poo

No 43 Down on you Knees

No 44 Droopy Drawers or All the Fours

No 45 Halfway There

No 46 Up to Tricks

No 47 Four and Seven

No 48 Four Dozen

No 49 PC 49

No 50 Bulls Eye

No 51 Tweak of the Thumb

No 52 Danny La Rou, Pack 'o Cards, Weeks in the year

No 53 The Joker, Stuck in the Tree

No 54 Clean the Floor

No 55 All the Fives

No 56 Was She Worth it!

No 57 Heinz Varieties

No 58 Make them Wait

No 59 The Brighton Line

no 60 Six-O Blind Sixty

No 61 Bakers Bun

No 62 Turn on the Screw

No 63 Tickle me

No 64 Knock on the Door

No 65 Old Age Pensioner

No 66 Clickety-Click or All the Sixes

No 67 Made in Heaven

No 68 Saving Grace

No 69 Either Way Up

No 70 Seven-O Blind Seventy

No 71 Bang on the Drum

No 72 Six Dozen, Lucky Two

No 73 Queen Bee

No 74 Candy Store, Lucky Four

No 75 Grandaddy of Bingo, Lucky Five

No 76 Is She Worth It?

No 77 All the Sevens

No 78 Heavens Date, Lucky Eight

No 79 One More Time, Lucky Nine

No 80 Eight-O Blind Eighty

No 81 Stop and Run

No 82 Straight on Through

No 83 Time for Tea

No 84 Seven Dozen

No 85 Staying Alive

No 86 Between the Sticks

No 87 Torquay in Devon

No 88 Two Fat Ladies or All the Eights

No 89 Almost There

No 90 Top of The Shop



The History of Bingo

Bingo has a long history in the Western culture. The game can be traced back centuries where similar games were enjoyed. In the 1530’s a game of Lo Giuoco Code Loto was played by Italians. In the 18th century it evolved in France. Players had cards and kept track of numbers that were called out randomly. In German education the game was found to be a great teaching method and adopted to teach different subjects to children. Through the 1800s the game grew to be very popular.

Edwin Lowe

It was in the United States that the North American form of Bingo became known. In Atlanta 1929 a carnival visitor named Edwin Lowe watched a game of Beano and was intrigued by the excitement and involvement of the players. When back in New York Lowe showed his friends as he remembered the game in Atlanta. Numbered stamps, Beans and playing boards were used to play. The name of his game was created when an excited player accidently called out “Bingo!” instead of “Beano!” Lowe achieved great success with Bingo. By the 1940s Bingo had spread all over the country. Bingo became a popular game for small stakes gambling and was used to raise money for charities and events. In the United Kingdom, Bingo was slightly different. In Australia and New Zealand Bingo was called Housie. No matter what it was called Bingo became a worldwide phenomenon.

Modern Bingo

Along with everything else, Bingo has advanced with technology. Instead of numbered balls in a spinning wheel a computer can take its place with a number generator. Having such technology reduces the chance of fowl play and reinforces legitimization. Players can also play Bingo in the comfort of their own home with online bingo. Online bingo has become popular over recent years for fun and betting.